One Child Policy Should It Be Relaxed?

Topics: One-child policy, Family, Abortion Pages: 2 (817 words) Published: December 19, 2012
One child policy should it be relaxed?
Good morning! Today I am going to talk about ‘ one child policy’ . One child policy has been launched in china since 1979. It aims to keep the population in china under control. Only one child is allowed to be given birth in every single Chinese family. After 30 years of strict implementation , great influence can be seen today. The policy keeps the rate of natural increase of population in china at a very low level of 1.3 , which is below the globe level. It scores a great success in reducing the birth rate. On the other hand, the rapid decrease in birth rate leads to the short of worker among the young generation. The economy of china could stop one day if the decrease keeps going. The policy actually is a mixed blessing to china. Currently, china is looking for a balanced point to avoid overpopulation but not to slow down the development of the economy. Other than the decrease in birth rate, the policy does bring some advantages to china. There is only one child in each family. The only child can definitely get full attention from parents or even grandparents. Surrounded by countless care, there is no doubt that children will be brought in an all-round way. Then, their potential in specific domains can be discovered and trained with full support from their parents. The society will eventually comprise more talented teenagers. We can see that the policy has sent a clear message to all the Chinese families that they should be focusing on the quality of children but not the quantity. When there is only one child in each family, parents can always give the best to their children .The competitive edge of Chinese children will then be sharpened and finally it will bring a huge progress to the society. Although there are quite a lot of advantages, the shortcomings of the policy must not be omitted. China should make every effort to tackle them. One child policy is absolutely a quick and direct way to slow down the rapid...
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