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One Child Policy Law

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The One Child Policy Controversy in China

Starting in 1979 China has taken the stance of controlling their overpopulated nation by enforcing their one child policy. China recognized that population control was essential in order to raise living standards. They believed that introducing a one child policy was the most effective way to address China’s crowded population. This policy was set to limit family size, encourage late marriages as well as child bearing, and increase the spacing between children if a second child is permitted. The only exceptions for a second child are; if the first child has a mental or physical dysfunction, if the couple is living in a rural area where the population is not as high or the newly added exception of having a second child if both parents were only children. Even with these limited circumstances the child must be born several years apart from the first. If a Chinese citizen was caught having a second child where they were not permitted to do so consequences were given. Substantial fines, confiscation of property, and job loss are some of the penalties to ensure all couples followed the one child policy. (Hesketh)

What the Chinese Government failed to recognize was the profound negative impact this policy has made on their country. The millions of forced abortions conducted each year traumatizing women both emotionally and physically, the disproportionately high ratio of males to females, the rising old age dependency, the mounting number of abandoned children and most importantly the loss of freedom and human dignity. Although China was dealing with a crisis, this policy was clearly not an appropriate way to react.

The Universal Declaration of Human rights states that every person is entitled the right to reproduce and found a family. Nowhere in this statement does it say that each person is only entitled to as many children as the government sees “fit.” Reproduction is a choice that each person...

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