"One Art" by Elizabeth Bishop

Topics: Stanza, Poetry Pages: 4 (1499 words) Published: December 11, 2012
Feeling of lost is known to everybody. A human being will never be prepared for it, and no matter what we lose it brings anger and sadness. The time is the best doctor to heal our soul after loosing someone or something very important to us. I have close friend who lost his mother, when he was 16. I can`t even imagine how does it feel. One moment, one misgiving is enough to change your life forever. Someone you loved is gone and your hearts ache in sadness forever, and secret tears will flow. Actually with what words can you express your compassion in such a moments? In the master stuck “One Art” Elizabeth Bishop constructs a poem that reveals a struggle with mastering the issue of loss.

Falling under the category of lyric suggests that this poem requires an effort to grasp the full meaning behind the text. Bishop carefully designed the form of the poem. Not only does it flow and sound beautiful, but also it is thoroughly organized. With the first five stanzas containing three lines each, readers are able to jump from one thought to the next easily due the organization and the A-B-A rhyme scheme. The poem`s auditory quality is harmonious and pleasant. This effect is produced by words containing long vowels and soft consonants such as “master” and “fluster” and “vaster”. Also a rhythmic word such as “ intent” and “spent” creates the pleasing sound of the poem. Each line contains either ten or eleven syllables in which every other syllable is stressed. The repetition of the phrase “ The art of losing isn`t hard to master.” (Line 6, 12, 18) serve as the backbone of the poem. Its meaning shifts as the poem progress. Rather than being totally straightforward, it grows more and more ironic as we see that “the art of losing” is indeed quite hard to master. Bishop validates her thought process throughout the poem, and convinces herself that losing becomes easier with the time and practice. As a poem progress to the loss of loved one, Bishop used more brakes in...
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