One Amazing Thing

Topics: Feeling, Emotion, Marriage Pages: 4 (1058 words) Published: November 8, 2012
Reading Journal

This journal covers chapters 13 to 16 of Divakaruni’s novel One Amazing Thing.

PLOT: What happened in these chapters? Give a brief overview, chapter by chapter, especially noting any events that surprised you or confused you.

CHARACTER: Which characters appear in these chapters? List each one along with what we learned about them in these chapters, especially noting any developments that surprised you or confused you.

KEY PASSAGE: Choose what you feel is a key paragraph or two where the plot or a character develops in some surprising way. Write down the page number and the first line of the paragraph. Flag it in your book as well.

VOCABULARY: List at least five words you were unfamiliar with or unsure of as you read. List each word, the sentence it appeared in, the dictionary definition, and page number where it appeared. Flag each word in your book as well.

RESPONSE: Talk back to the characters or the author. What is your response to these chapters? What questions do you have?

Post your notes here (which will NOT be visible to other students). -------------------------


Chapter 13: Mr. Mangalam starts his story by telling the survivors that he was once married before. In his marriage, he began to become unhappy due to the fact that his wife was too controlling of everything. Mangalam started to develop feelings for a co-worker, Naina, and had decided to ask his wife for a divorce so that he could be with the other woman.

Chapter 14: Mrs. Pritchett starts her story by explaining how her and her friend were supposed to run a bakery together, but had decided to run away and elope with Mr. Pritchett. As time passed, Mrs. Pritchett began to feel as if her relationship with Mr. Pritchett wasn’t satisfying her needs, wanting to get a divorce. Feeling as if there was a strain in her relationship with her relationship, Mrs. Pritchett overdoses on pills to help her get over her depression, which causes her to get...
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