Once We Learn to Walk in Someone Else's Shoes We Truly Understand the Meaning of Freedom to Kill a Mocking Bird Rabbit Proof Fence Martin Luther King I Have a Dream English Speech

Topics: To Kill a Mockingbird, Presidential Medal of Freedom recipients, Martin Luther King, Jr. Pages: 1 (289 words) Published: May 10, 2013
Nelson Mandela once said to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others. Freedom is defined as the power or right to act, speak, or think as one, it is to not be imprisoned or enslaved but in all the text we have studied it is about people who do not have freedom and it shows the people who are on the quest to find it and the people who are trying to get it for them as some others may try to prevent them achieving it as in the novel to kill a mockingbird it is Tom Robinson and Boo Radley who do not have there freedom. In the rabbit proof fence it is the Australian aboriginals namely Molly, Gracie and Daisy three aboriginal children who have been ripped away from their families and taken and it follows their quest to get home and to gain freedom. In the famous and touching I have a dream speech by Martin Luther King Jr. he explains how he want to achieve freedom and equality for everybody he explains the way it is and the way it should be.

To kill a mockingbird by harper Lee, rabbit proof fence by Phillip Noyce and martin Luther King Jr.’s I have a dream speech all explore the lesson that “once we learn to walk in someone else shoes we truly understand the meaning of freedom. This theme is shown in the texts thorough techniques like

by showing us how some people are able to walk in someone else’s shoes and understand why they deserve there freedom while some are unable and just don’t seem to understand
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