Once More to the Lake

Topics: Family, Psychology, Father Pages: 2 (484 words) Published: May 20, 2013
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AP EnglishDescription and Narration

"Once More to The Lake", by E.B. White portrays desscription and narration, refelcting the general sentiment by describing the experiences with his son that he shared with his father at a later time. White utilizes adjectives to emphasize that his son reminds him deeply of himself. Illlustrative description conveys how personality traits of families get passed down to younger generations. White sees and describes the dragongflys actions as well as its appearance, which identifies as rhetorical analysis.

The structure of the essay is simple; White introduces and defines the subject of family. The lake is a memory that White holds dear to his heart, which enables him to remember his feelings and his actions. By remembering his childhood he is able to connect his entire being with his son. This connection is so vivid that he could see himself in his son's shoes, and himself in his fathers shoes. In Whites conclusion he ends with strong descriptive language.

The rhetorical mode that occurs in Whites essay is narration. White gives the audience a series of events. Him and his son go fishing, they arrive at the farm house, they visit the all to familiar store, and through the entirety of the essay everything is happening aall over again, like a reoccuring memory. White is utilizing illustrative description to stress that family are the same. Especially when strong family bonds are formed by doing something special together. They both shared a love for the lake and the activities that took place.

White exemplifies the role of family bonding and memories as well as personality traits that are passed down through generations. In this case White captures this by juxtapsoing his visit to the lake with his Dad and His son's visit to the lake with him. As a child the excitement of the vacation exuded adventure, which lead white to form fond memories. His son's reactions are so much...
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