Once Gone

Topics: Gabriel García Márquez, Novel, Death Pages: 2 (478 words) Published: February 12, 2013
Once gone, forever Gone
In a life time, a person can and will experience a diverse range of fears, from small to life changing fears. In the novels it is no different, the characters themselves could be ruled by their or they can overcome their fears. In the novel Love in the time Cholera, by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, aging is a deeply rooted fear in the characters’ lives that to some extent influences their decisions which causes them to be more aware of the dangers in their surroundings.

Aging is a fear that can’t be easily shaken because it isn’t just something that can be ignored or avoided. “Even in his youth Florention Ariza climbed up and down stairs with special care, for he had always believed that old age began with one first minor fall and that death came with the second.” (Marquez, 313) Florentino Ariza describes his fear of aging and the precautions he takes to protect himself. He sees staircases as something that is dangerous, which in turned caused him to drag his feet and take his time. He is also afraid of aging for the fact that he fears of dying before he had his chance to complete his life goal which was to finally be with Fermina after all this time. He even feared that Fermina might die as well before he got his chance to be with her. This fear of dying influenced his life by making him more aware of the dangers that surround him and to some extent influenced the how he lived.

This fear even influenced Fermina Daza to some extent. “Not now,” She said to him. “I smell like an old woman.”(Marquez 329) The very concept of aging has been brought up in the novel dozens of times, affecting each characters in subtle of obvious ways. For Fermina it was when she had Florentino were alone in the ship and they had been holding hands. When he was leaving, he tried to kiss her cheek, but she refused to let him do so, realizing that they had in love when they were young and they weren’t so young right now. This in turn showed that becoming older was...
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