On a Rainy River Review

Pages: 1 (310 words) Published: November 15, 2012
Fiction allows the author to tell the story in their own words and in another way ot strategie thereby changing the main idea of the real story. Dealing with characters, non-fiction involves real people who were present but fiction only creates characters.

In ‘On a Rainy River’, the author seems to be physically calm especially while talking to the old man. But he has a lot of negative thoughts about going to the war as well. He is more of a coward because he was scared to go fight and did not have the courage to stand up for himself. His education is extra important to him because he did not want to kind of give up on all his dreams which did not involve going to the war. He had no interest in going to the war either.

In ‘Escape’, he seems to be more experienced from the way he thinks and talks. He is in this switch off science. He is passionate about his school education but not as much as in ‘On a Rainy River’. He proceeds to the war even though he knows it’s not the best thing for him. He feels mistaking and begins to show regret but could not do anything about it because once you are in, you are in. He also begins to miss his family, friends and his past life as well.

The two texts have both differences and similarities. In both, the author does not seem to be interested in the war at all, his education is something he wants to continue and achieve some more. Some differences are in ‘On a Rainy River’, he shows how coward he can be but does not show this characteristic in ‘Escape’. In ‘Escape’ he does not take too much time to finally take the step to go into the war.
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