On Time Delivery Case Study

Topics: Customer service, Marketing, Consultative selling Pages: 3 (1000 words) Published: July 30, 2012
Case Summary
As stated in the case study of “ On-Time Package Delivery”, the first year of business was successful, bringing in revenue and steady customer need in the market for the service. Customers were many big firms and businesses in large cities. Also, they emphasis the importance of their employees, especially their sales force. The sales force is not only responsible for generating business and relationships with customers; they are the face of the company. These are the representatives that customers deal with directly and voice their opinions to. The next category of the sales force of On-Time is the Key Account Managers. They are responsible for the big accounts in the company, such as corporate accounts. The company became in danger once other delivery services emerged on the market. These big companies are FedEx, DHl, UPS, and other smaller courier services. Due to the high rate of competitors entering the market, On-Time needed to make changes and research how to improve sales. Senior vice president of sales, Wayne Jacobson, conducted a research on the possible reasons of the continuous acquisitions of flat sales from the major branches of the company. Jacobson discovered that besides the competitors, there were internal business issues that directly affected their sales as well. Jacobson investigated and consulted with his key account managers and sales representations to hear the internal view point on why sales are flat. Consulting both parties is important because they all have unique experiences and opinions of things they have dealt with in their separate departments. Jacobson also conducted interviews with the customers that are most important and needed for the company’s success. It is important to consult the consumers to fulfill their wants and needs in a delivery service and is referred to as primary research. The information was gathered by Jacobson in order to fix and improve the company and their position in the market. “Check out...
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