On the Waterfront

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  • Published : April 6, 2011
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In the film, on the waterfront directed by Eliza Kazan. We are shown that caring can be difficult. Everybody should care for everybody else. Caring means feeling interested or concerned for yourself or others. In the male dominant world they live and work in, no woman’s care, kindness or nurturing aren’t present. Life on the docks, the longshoremen is revolved around Johnny friendly and the code ‘Dnd’. By obeying the code, you’ll be guaranteed safety and work could be an option. Charley and terry also obeyed the code Dnd but then finds themselves risking personal safety and security to fulfil their responsibility for themselves and others.

Charley’s support has sustained Terry throughout a miserable childhood but it has led him into a uncertain connection to the Union mob Charley always thought he was choosing the right choices for his younger brother, as an older brother he must care for his younger siblings. ‘But only during the car ride, charley realises what he has done to terry, when terry speaks out. “I could of have had class! I could have been a contender. I could have been somebody. Instead of a bum, which I am. Let’s face it, it was you charley.” His brave choice to let terry escape comes from a mixture of love for his younger brother and guilt. Charley finally decides to look after terry interest and sacrifices him to Johnny friendly.

Corruption is common on the docks. Friendly’s control of the work, the longshoremen on the docks enables him to grow richer by the minute. His ruthless authority and his ‘dog eat dog’ mentality means that much of his work involves violence and intimidation. In its simplest form, it determines who gets work and who doesn’t. Because of Johnny friendly the longshoremen have little rights, Dnd is the best thing to go by. “ on the docks, we have always be deaf and dumb, we don’t rat’ says Dugan. Caring is difficult for the longshore men as life isn’t the greatest achievement. Many have tried to testify but friendly...
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