On the Translation of English Idioms

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  • Published: June 17, 2013
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On the Translation of English Idioms
In essence, the idiom was one of the most important components of language. As the pith of the language, idioms have come from many origins and different formations. In other words, the fusion of many distinctive cultures has crystallized the idiom, and it has many nations’ characteristics which was born with and never changed. And English idioms was one branch of idiom. The English idioms have an extensive scope; it was formed from regular phrases or short verses during a long period use. Therefore, in view of these features, for the sake of understanding the English idiom better, the translation of idioms should not just stay in literal meaning, and it is very important to translate the idioms from their context and comprehensive meaning. And this dissertation mainly discusses the methods of the translation of idioms. When we translate the idioms, we should make sure that we not only get a good knowledge of the correct meaning of idioms but also do our best to keep the original structure and unique feature of idioms. Key words: translation; culture; idioms

I. Introduction
The Britain linguist, Jennifer Seidl, had said in the preface of his books “English Idioms and How to Use Them (1978)”, that “Idioms are not a separate part of the language which one can choose to either to use or to omit…”[1]. So, if we want to learn English well, we must attach more importance to English idioms. Since the idiom was the product of the development of different national and regional culture, so it intensively has the special cultural features of some nations or regions. And the idiom was the particular form of the language; it is quite obvious that the idiom has many distinguish characteristics, for example, abundant connotation, independent meaning, and grammatically irregular, permanent structure and so on. The translation of idioms is not only including link up two languages, but communicate...
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