On the Stick Figure in English Teaching

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  • Published: December 26, 2012
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On the stick figure in English Teaching
  Since the Development of modern educational technology, multimedia Technology in English teaching and English teaching methods constantly enriched, and now the English classroom teaching (as compared with traditional classroom instruction) are becoming more and more animated. However, the modern teaching methods are sometimes affected by Economic conditions, and other constraints, and the production of multimedia courseware takes some time and effort, in practice teaching, some books of knowledge to understand if the use of multi-media mix a moot point, the traditional English classroom teaching Some simple but effective means of teaching been put aside. For example, in the usual classroom teaching of English, we can use stick figure of this simple and effective means to improve the teaching effect. Looking at the Oxford Junior English, use the stick figure quite a lot of places. In English teaching, I think there are many advantages of teachiusing the stick figure.      First, visual image

     Comenius in the "big teaching theory" clearly states that "all knowledge comes from senses the beginning." Senses of people at the entrance of knowledge, but also the only way to acquire knowledge of mankind. So, in teaching the appropriate use of relatively simple and accurate image of the graphics-assisted teaching, the teaching effectiveness of teachers tend to make more with less. The stick figure composed from simple lines, making them very simple and convenient, easy to understand picture of the content. According to the teaching content, you can allow students under the teacher's request to the prior art in the form of homework on paper Fortunately, this will enable the students to participate in the teaching and learning activities, forcing students to actively use their brains, to seek the teacher's teaching intentions, This requires students to do prep work before class. For example, in teaching 8A Unit6 Natural disasters "Reading - An earthquake survivor's home page", I ask students to put Timmy in the earthquake happened in the form of a chain stick figure out the next lesson on the appraisal. Can also be in class before or when the church by a teacher or student on the blackboard drawings. Once, when I was painting red-crowned crane, the Pick-paint is not so sharp, legs are not long, Crane has not painted the top red, the results lead to the students laugh, but the laughter soon after the students remember the red-crowned cranes physical characteristics, but also shortened the distance between teachers and students. There is no stick figure with some classroom instruction compared to the use of visual images of stick figure for English language teaching to a large extent active classroom atmosphere, and easy lively classroom atmosphere can infect emotions of teachers, so that teachers and students act in harmony, in the lively and intense and harmonious atmosphere unknowingly accomplished teaching tasks.      Second, concise

     Stick figure of a pen can reveal only a handful of words, sentences and even the meaning of text.      1). The teaching of new vocabulary, you can present them with the stick figure to enable students to perceive and understand new knowledge, quickly caught the attention of students, arouse the students desire for knowledge. Many English words, such as nouns, adjectives, adverbs, verbs and numerals, etc. can be achieved through the stick figure at a glance the effect of teaching. The Oxford Junior English as an intermediary to explain the word, as long as painting a desk and a few simple objects, you can allow students a clear understanding on, onto, above, over, in, into, below, under, beside, near, by, behind, in front of the meaning of the words as well as the differences. If it is review, teachers in painting an object, you can intentionally draw the wrong location of objects and requiring students to correction; also allows a student on...
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