On the Path to Even Better Health

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  • Published : December 5, 2012
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On the Path to Even Better Health
As shown through financial statements released by CVS over the past years, including this fiscal year, it is clear that they have shown strong financial stability as of late. But what about the company down the road? Will they continue to grow? Will they stay where they are as competitors like Walgreens pass them up? Or will they even be in business ten years from now? Based on analysts future predictions and the patterns of growth in which CVS has shown, there is no reason to doubt that they will continue to grow for years to come.

CVS has reported growth in its numbers consistently over the past few years, outpacing its competitors. Yet, financials aside, the main reason for my confidence in this organization is due to their leader, Larry Merlo. Merlo has stated that he is not content with CVS’s performance. With CVS being at number one, this gives investors excitement that no matter how well the store does, they will always be looking to improve.

One of the most exciting ways that CVS looks to strengthen their numbers is through expansion. Even though they have the most retail outlets of any pharmacy in the world, they continue to look for new ways to expand. This is done by either building new locations, or buying out other large chains of pharmacies and converting them into CVS stores.

Also let us not overlook CVS’s commitment to customer service. In reports released by CVS, it is overwhelmingly obvious that one of the main goals of the company is to improve upon its relationship with the customers, building upon their already well-established small town feel of a store. With that being said, CVS is an exciting, yet safe investment for those looking to invest their money for a long duration of time.
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