On-the-Job Training at Kapis Mansions

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  • Published : March 10, 2013
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Banica Road, Roxas City, Capiz

Filamer Christian University
Roxas Avenue, Roxas City, Capiz

In partial fulfillment of the requirements in the subject
Internship I

Submitted to:
Mr. Nino G. Bolano, MBA
HRM Practicum Coordinator

Submitted by:
Anisco, Ma. Christine A.
Denoya, Kevin
Porter, Dareel L.
Villaruz, JC Loyz V.

On the Job Training is one method by which college students is given a chance to apply what they have learned from the school. Colleges and universities require their students to undergo such training within a specific number of hours as part of the curriculum. It seems that we an HRM student expected to learn new things outside our school. It’s great that we must study more in order to learn, and also we know that the hotel where we performed our OJT is a competitive one.

For us students, our internship program provides opportunities to experience the actual methodologies of our specific job using the real tools or equipments and documents. In effect, our workplace serves a development venue for us, a trainee to learn more about our chosen field and practice what we have learned from our school.

As trainees, we should take our internship seriously as it becomes an instrument from being students to be career professionals someday. Theory is not enough for us to become a successful one someday. Not only in the field of Hospitality, but also in other fields.

Learning is through experience.

We would never have been able to finish our practicum without the Almighty God who has given us all these opportunities. Through the guidance of our professors, management of Kapis Mansions, help from friends, and support from our family.

Our grateful thanks to the management of Kapis Mansions, to its owner, Mr. Joaquin Dumagpi; to Mrs. Donna Arbolado, Human Resource Officer who let us to conduct our internship for almost four weeks is very great indeed. We would like to thank Dr. Bugs Baguio for guiding us while we are assigned to the Kitchen, to Chef Geovanni for letting us to learn some cooking stuffs. We would also like to thank the Banquet Captain Mr. Richard helping and allowing us to develop our skills in serving the guests.

Not to forget, our great appreciation goes to the rest of Kapis Mansions staff that help us during the internship.
Our deepest gratitude to our internship coordinator, Mr. Nino G. Bolano, MBA for his supervision; patience and support that he gave truly help the progression of the internship program.
We would like also to thank our classmates and co-interns who really brought us together to appreciate the true value of friendship and respect of each other.
Finally, to our family who always been supporting us and encouraging us with their best wishes through thick and thin. TABLE OF CONTENTS

Chapter 1Introduction1
* Company Profile1
* Company House Rules2
Chapter 2Food and Beverage Department4
* Kitchen4
Chapter 3Analysis of Strengths and Weaknesses
Chapter 4Recommendation
Chapter 5Conclusion
Appendix AForms used in the Operation
Appendix BLay-out
Appendix CPictures


Chapter 1
* Company Profile
Mansions have always been romanticized as homes of the landed aristocracy. Beyond their impressive facades, a grand entrance, enormous chandeliers, spacious and elegant rooms, and opulent furnishings only add to the grandeur of these imposing structures. Portraits of family members and their ancestors line the walls; and walking down hallways and through the rooms, one can almost imagine people in their finest clothes, speaking in very flowery prose. This is an age which has become the subject of much literature. Even the most contemporary of novels feature mansions when authors want to use a setting that speaks of old-world elegance and splendor. Kapis...
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