On-the-Job Training

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* Before Training
I was a teenager who only knows to play all the time. I am an immature person. I don’t want to handle difficult tasks and I don’t want to take duties and responsibilities because I think I can’t do and make those things by my own. Every time I am assigned to make some difficult tasks, I was pressured. There are lots of negative thoughts coming to my mind like “what if I did not finished it on time? What if they don’t like what I’ve done? What if they get angry with me because I forgot some of their instructions and make some errors? Will they forgive me?” and etc. Those are the reasons why I don’t want to take any responsibilities.

* After the Training
After the On-the-Job Training, I can now handle difficult tasks and finish it on time. I can now take duties and responsibilities. I am not afraid of making mistakes because I’ve realized that making errors and mistakes was not that bad. It can help me improve myself. It also gives me experienced so that if there’s a problem that I am going to face, I know what I am going to do. And I know how to get rid of it. I now have confidence in facing different kinds of people and talking to them. Having the On-the-Job Training is more fun than what I think before.


Everyone has a problem, even in school, family and organization. When I was on my training at Quezon City Hall, Department of Building Official, I encountered problem which is the feeling of being not welcome in their company, I felt that some employees don’t like me, maybe they don’t want me to be part of their tasks. This problem isn’t a big deal, I’m not sure if my feeling is true. Maybe my interpretation was wrong that’s why I persuade to do my best to finish my tasks that they given. Maybe God was testing my patience at that time. As the day passes, I realized that my analysis about them was wrong. They’re just only serious during working hours. Another problem that I’ve encounter is during on the first day of our On-the-Job Training, we felt nervousness because we don’t have any idea on what we are going to do inside the office. We don’t know how to do the paper works inside the office. We’ve encountered lots of problems in the office. Like for example, we’ve answered phone call. We’ve heard the complaints of an angry applicant on the other line and don’t know what we are going to say.


The characteristics that I’ve been observe to my trainer is that he is very strict in doing tasks. He doesn’t want to see mistakes on works. Once he saw some problems, he will call him/her and talk him and make sure that those problems will be got rid. He also wants to see that everybody is working hard. He also wanted to see that everything is organized and in a proper order.


These are the following values and characteristics I’ve learned from my trainer:

* I learned to ask someone’s help whenever I don’t know how to do. Because in my mind there’s a saying “ marunong ang nagtatanong”. * I become responsible.
* I become more polite to others in the way to greet them. * I become more patience in the tasks given to us.
* I learned to have confidence and strength to overcome my fears.

* Encoding/Typing
* Answering phone calls
* Making phone calls
* Transferring phone calls
* Recording calls
* Removing materials from files
* Stamping
* Running Errands
* Sorting Files


On-the-Job-Training or OJT is job training that occurs in the work place. It has many advantages, but it can also have a few disadvantages if the OJT is not planned and executed properly. It is part of a college curriculum that aims to train and orient students about the work...
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