On the Homefront (Ww2)

Topics: World War II, Nazi Germany, Benito Mussolini Pages: 2 (545 words) Published: April 29, 2013
On the Home Front
World War 2’s main causes were the militarism of nations and the imperialism of Axis powers such as Germany. The war was also caused by nationalism, people in poverty rallied around strong socialist leaders such as Mussolini and Hitler. Lastly, the totalitarian dictatorships of Italy, Germany and Russia helped create the past three causes (All 4 of these causes create the acronym MINT). Without strong Allied leaders such as Churchill and Roosevelt, the Axis Powers could have very well been close to putting most of the world under their dictatorships. World War 2 was not only a time of despair because of war, but it also helped boost the modernization of America and the rights and roles of women and minorities. After the attacks on Pearl Harbor, the American people united to create one large war effort to strike back against the Axis regime’s totalitarian rule. More than 15 million Americans joined the armed forces during the war and for the first time over 250,000 women served in the WAC and WAVES. With the mobilization of America’s army, the economy was restored and jobs were given. Along with this, new government agencies were created to help organize the mobilization. The War Production Board, for example, helped car makers change their industries to making tanks. The Revenue Act of 1942 made all Americans pay income taxes to help raise money for the war effort. During the war, many new hobbies were introduced to help the war effort. Victory gardens were popular among American households, these gardens grew fruits and vegetables that were in short supply because of the war. Along with war, come sacrifices, many consumer goods were in shortage. Many automakers stopped making new cars so they could make tanks, planes and jeeps. Other sacrifices included personal ones such as family members. Millions of American families were separated from family members who served overseas. Civilians who couldn’t fight joined organizations such as the Office...
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