On Teenage Smoking

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Road Traffic Accidents Introduction
Every year we successfully recover compensation for thousands of clients who have been injured in road accidents, whether as drivers, passengers, motorcyclists, cyclists or pedestrians. 

We specialise in all road traffic litigation, acting for client’s who have suffered minor injuries such as bruising and whiplash, right through to clients who have suffered serious and life threatening injuries. We also act for client’s who have lost family members in fatal road accidents.

If you have been injured in a road accident that was caused by someone else, then you are entitled claim compensation for your injuries and financial losses.

Even where the person that caused your injuries was not insured or where you were injured in a ‘hit and run’ accident, then our dedicated team of personal injury lawyers can help you claim your full entitlement to compensation. It does not matter that you do not have legal expenses insurance, because we can act for you under a 'No Win No Fee' agreement that protects you from having to pay any legal costs in the event your claim is unsuccessful*.

* Subject to you entering into a ‘No Win No Fee’ agreement and complying with your responsibilities under your legal expenses insurance policy

We are going to discuss the CAUSES, CONSEQUENCES and PREVENTION of ROAD ACCIDENTS. Road accidents also called traffic collision are caused by humans when they overlook laid down rules and regulations governing the use of roads. According to the population reference Bureau “an estimated 1.2 million people are killed in road crashes each year and as many as 50 million are injured” WHAT ARE THE CAUSES OF ROAD ACCIDENTS?

ROAD ACCIDENTS are caused when individuals neglect or refuse to FOLLOW road SIGNS AND REGULATIONS. One of the major causes is OVER SPEEDING which accounts for one of the many causes of road accidents daily. This happen when drivers deliberately drive above the regulated speed limits either to showoff, meet deadlines or just for fun they thus put [their life and the lives] of many other road users at risk. By exceeding the regulated speed limit, one is risking an accident. However, another factor is the inability of some drivers to UNDERSTAND or OBEY ROAD SIGNS. By understanding simple road signs like when the light shows RED LIGHT MEANS STOP

When you reach INTERSECTIONS, BUMPS or HILLS, following the appropriate road rules will save lives. One of the fundamental responsibility of a good driver or would be driver is to LEARN the many road signs that will guide him/her in the course of driving. Studying road signs is a must for any who wish to become not just an expert but also a responsible driver. Road signs play significant roles and must never be neglected. If possible, buying a book on road signs in order to learn road terms will be an added advantage for would be drivers.


What about DRINKING AND DRIVING? It is advised that individuals who have taken alcohol or have alcohol in their system should never take the risk of driving because doing so would result in putting their life and the lives of other people in danger. A little quantity of alcohol can have a very big influence on your driving ability. It is fatal to drive under the influence of alcohol. A small quantity of alcohol is enough to make one lose control especially when you are behind the wheels. Since they say prevention is better than cure, it is pertinent to adhere to this regulation in order to avert road accidents and the loss of human lives. However, parents must also ensure that under-aged children do not mount the steering to test their driving skills no matter what. Proper care must be taken even when they reach state-approved driving age. Responsible parents ensure that their children be taken to a good driving school before such driving responsibility is given to them. Through...
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