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On Saying Please

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Good Manners are of great value\ in human life. Bad manners are not a legal crime. But everybody dislikes a man with bad manners. Small courtesies win us a lot of friends. Words like 'please' and 'thank you' helps us in making our passage through life smooth. The law does not permit us to hit back if we are the victims of bad manners. But if we are threatened with physical violence, the law permits us some liberty of action. Bad manners create a chain reaction. Social practice demands politeness from us. A good mannered person will find that his work becomes e person will find that his work becomes easier by the ready co-operation that he gets from other

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On Saying Please

This essay tells us about the value of
good manners.Bad manners are anti social. But
they are not a crime in the eyes of the law and
therefore the law does not permit us to hit
back if we have been the victims of bad
manners.If we are threatened by physical
violence ,the law protects us by some action.It
is good that the law does not permit physical
action in return for bad manners.actually
violation or breach of good manners is very
common. If there had been some punishment
for bad manners,it would have lead to too
much violence.People begin to avoid a man
with bad manners.He is not liked by anyone.A
person with good manners bring us
sunshine.His company is indeed very pleasant.

This essay deals with little but socially
important incident from daily life.It shows us
the importance of word like ’please’ or ‘thank
you’ in our every day life. They settle bitter
quarrels and soften bad tempers.the damage
done by an unkind word is more painful than
physical injury.
A lift-man in an office...

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