On Nursing Theories

Topics: Nursing, Mind, Scientific method Pages: 1 (369 words) Published: August 18, 2008
I have interviewed three nurses regarding nursing theories and their applications in real life. In my interview, they all came up with the same opinion about the theories. According to them – and I might have to agree – the theories aren’t that much useful to the practical duties as nurses. Though, Ernesto admits that these theories are the basis of what nurses do everyday. Eleanor says that when you are in an emergency situation or if immediate action is required, you will almost forget to think about the theories. While going through their responses, I have concluded that what the authorities on nursing are concerned about is true. According to their studies, the majority of nurses do not apply theories in their practices. Instinct and first-hand experience are the things that come to mind when faced with dire situations.

In my interviews the three of them tells me that theories are almost never present in their minds when doing their job. But one theorist keeps coming up and that person is no other than Nightingale. Her theory seems to be the most popular. Since her theory is simple but true and without doubt effective in helping a patient achieve health.

As I have said earlier, nursing is sometimes about experience. Nurses are more effective when they already know what to do. It is like doing something routinely. It is almost second nature to you. Lorraine even jokingly said that these theories are only needed to pass the subject.

Though nurses may rarely think of nursing theories, it has a huge impact in one’s profession. These theorists didn’t come up with these theories out of thin air. They thoroughly researched and studied if their theories were important factors in the field of nursing. Coming up with ideas and thinking very carefully about their practice and how to improve on them will get you to higher places. Theories are very important to advance through this profession. If you do not apply theories when you work with patients how will you...
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