On Keeping a Notebook

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  • Published : February 11, 2011
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On Keeping a Notebook
Joan Didion 's essay , ``On Keeping a Notebook ' concretely shows the importance of everyday objects and persons we encounter in our daily lives . To a certain extent , beneath all the stresses of being a working person and encountering different kinds of people , there are certain little , sometimes even grand things which utterly provide us glimpses of very important moments of our past . It actually transports us back into almost forgotten memories by the simple recognition of certain objects and persons in our minds which might even be we were exactly thinking of during several moments in time . In the essay , one good example is the sauerkraut . The thought of the sauerkraut , evoked memories of drinking Bourbon and going to bed at ten , among other memories of her childhood . While the sauerkraut was a mere relish for hotdogs and sausages , alongside the ketchup and Dijon mustard , the sauerkraut was not a simple relish but a gateway to her cherished childhood days . To other people , it might simply have been the sour relish which everybody eats with their hotdogs during baseball games or one of the many the relishes produced by a food technologist in a multi-national food corporation . But for the author , the sauerkraut is far more than what many people would ever contemplate .

In all of these thought processes , an essential requisite for the gateways to her thoughts and memories would be her notebook . She may not have always written the exact same factual circumstances as it actually occurred , but it is not as important as the certain objects in her appreciation of facts which evoked much substance in her existence . Even if many of her family members would assert that her contemplation of a series of events were falsities , such as her imagination of a cracked crab , such an event in her mind made the actual event of a party with her family members makes the afternoon with them seem...
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