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  • Published: June 9, 2010
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A. Background
The job training is an obligatory subject for all seventh semester students in English Department, Faculty of Letters and Fine Arts. They must fulfill 100 hours or about one month to do job training in the chosen institution or company. The job training program is an activity done by the students to get experiences in subjects in the real work world. The job training which is done by students in a company or an institution should be the in line with the mainstream chosen by the student. There are four mainstreams in the English Department of Sebelas Maret University; they are translation, linguistic, literature and american Study. As the student of regular program of English Department, the writer decides to have the job training in Radio Republik Indonesia (RRI) Solo. This place is chosen due to some considerations. The first consideration is that RRI Solo is an institution which has news division. One of the job descriptions of news division is making news script, and broadcasting English news program, “Surakarta at a Glance”. Actually, this job description is completely related with the translation mainstream. Then, RRI Solo also offers “English for You”, which aired western music and English soft news. Being involved in producing process of “English for you”, it is expected that the writer get occasion to apply theories of translation and English for jornalism learned during the study period for over six semesters.

B. Objectives
The objectives of the job training which was done in RRI Surakarta are 1. to increase the students knowledge
For the students who have no knowledge about real fieldwork, this job training is necessary to them for increasing the student’s knowledge and skills especially for the writer about fieldwork 2. to get a new experience

Working in a real situation of fieldwork is quite different with just learning the theory about work. However, after the students...
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