On Invisible Bullets

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An outline on Invisible Bullets
As we analyze the essay, we realize that the writer discusses a material in each paragraph, and carefully relates it to the next paragraph. He supports his ideas with concrete examples related to the main topic sentence, which is the relation between orthodoxy and subversion in Harriot’s book. In the first paragraph, we have a motivator mixed with a background of the ideas he wants to discuss. In the next paragraph he wisely supports that background by giving different examples. In the third paragraph he emphasizes on some specific words such as “religion” which he uses several times through the essay. For each paragraph, we can find a topic sentence, and through the paragraph he brings arguments and supports and examples for that topic sentence, which in general, is itself supporting the main topic sentence and the main idea of the text. The paragraphs follow each other very smoothly and the essay grows in an evolutionary way. Each part is the result of the previous part. It’s quite a kind of classical text. We don’t have jumps and fragmentation. What attracts the reader’s attention is the use of quotation marks. Each time that he wants to use someone else’s words, he uses quotation marks, even if it contains only of one single word. The use of punctuation is also very eye catching. As we go through out the essay, we see that he makes the most benefit of each subject matter and each example and discusses them from all possible related points of view. So he is very good at supporting his idea. He gives us a fool complete satisfying argumentation. He had made benefit of every word or phrase written by Harriot which can be used in order to support his discussion. In the last three paragraphs he repeats his main ideas such as “the condition of power” and “continuity of subversion”; and even in the few last sentences, he doesn’t ignore the use of Harriot’s words and ideas.
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