On Infiltration of Escapism ----a Brief Comment on the Truman Show

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  • Published : January 6, 2013
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On Infiltration of Escapism
----A Brief Comment on The Truman Show

Abstract: The Truman Show1 deserves spectacular appreciation for its unique approach—intercutting shots between program of Truman and "real life" footage of the director and spectators. The specialty of presentation sufficiently lays out Escapism in Post-Modernism layer by layer. Followed a brief introduction about the intercutting approach in this movies and Escapism, this paper concentrates on the cause, manifestation and influence of Escapism from the shifting angles of view: Truman, director and spectators. Then it draws a summarization that Escapism has overall infiltrated into human’s life. Key words: The Truman Show, Escapism, shifting angles of view, intercutting, Post-Modernism

The Truman Show, as a typical milestone of the movie industry, puts other traditional genres in the shadow by intercutting the real-time documentary between program of Truman and "real life" of the spectators and director. Firstly, the movie chiefly centralizes on the Truman Burbank’s angle of view. The protagonist, whose entire life is broadcasted in a hugely popular 24-hour-a-day TV series, is gradually aware that his existence is captured by concealed cameras and tries his best to get away from the authoritative domination. Secondly, the movie alternately intercuts the shot to the angle of view of spectators, who are keeping a watchful eye on Truman’s every particular gesture and behavior for escaping from the perceived unpleasant aspects of daily life. Thirdly, the movie shifts the scene to director’s angle of view. It reveals that his motivation of creating the cheerful community of Seahaven(a materialization of “paradise”) is to run away from the hypocrisy and complexity of the world outside2. In short, whatever angle of view the movie sets out, it gives embodiment of Escapism all the time and all the way. As for Escapism3, it is a mental diversion or tendency to seek distraction and relief from...
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