On Electromagnetic Environment Effect on Wireless Communication Systems

Topics: Electromagnetic radiation, Wireless, Electromagnetic pulse Pages: 8 (2424 words) Published: January 16, 2011
Research on electromagnetic environment effect
On wireless communication systems

Gohar Rouhani Zeidanlou
Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering. University Tenaga Nasional E-mail:gohar.rouhani@hotmail.com

Abstract¬—The protection against electromagnetic environment effects (E3) on system is becoming more important since the modern communication based on wireless technology is developing fast. The reduction of the electromagnetic interference(EMI)and ensuring compatibility for communication systems are included in this topic, and principally data links protection and terminals against the lightning and high-power electromagnetic pulse(HEMP)to obtain the normal operation of these sort of systems. The focus of this paper is on E3 analysis, designing and operating for protecting the electronic equipment and communication network system and its worthwhile in ensuring effective performing that mission in the complex of electromagnetic today (EME). Key Words: electromagnetic environments (EME), electromagnetic environmental effects (E3), electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), high-power electromagnetic pulse (HEMP), communication systems.

1. Introduction

Today, the world is experiencing a revolution in information and becoming more and more dependent on electromagnetic performance. The universal reliance of electronics and electromagnetism civilian system or military instruments, besides in mission and safety-critical as applications of fundamental importance, brings the issue of protection versus electromagnetic environment effects(E3) into focus. The susceptibility of communication systems is either because of special interest or of information technology equipment (ITE) depending on access to the electromagnetic (EM)spectrum information processing or control functions, since this is easy to get involved with but hard to protect. The impact of electromagnetic interference (EMI)is caused by deliberating vulnerability, accidental disturbance the natural electromagnetic acts. The EMI renders systems less than fully effective, which decreases the operational readiness and increases the costs while it is able to cause catastrophic problems. The deliberation of EMI from a broad spectrum during the design of these systems can offer considerable effects on systems function, data link connectivity and data rates. The comprehensive E3 program has certified mutual EMC and adequate EMI control among electronic systems, information equipments and has enhanced that performance with the existing complex electromagnetic environment (EME)

2. Electromagnetic environment

An electromagnetic environment in which electrical and electronic systems are expected to operate without any harmful interference can be very complex. There are basically three categories of environmental phenomena which contain and describe all disturbances: • Low-frequency phenomena (conducted and radiated);

• High-frequency phenomena (conducted and radiated);
• Electrostatic discharge (ESD).
As the electromagnetic environment is the totality of phenomena existing at a location of interest, its description can be very substantial and voluminous. However, in practice it is neither possible nor absolutely necessary to describe an electromagnetic environment completely and hence any description is limited to a certain extent. The first step of such a specification could be to select those phenomena that can create electromagnetic disturbances (for example, from the list given in Table 1). During the past years in the series IEC 61000-2-Y several documents have been published which deal with a description related to the topic of electromagnetic environment from a fundamental point of view [1]. Most of these documents cover only limited aspects of electromagnetic environment. This refers to both the category of considered electromagnetic phenomena and to a special class of location (e.g. public medium voltage power supply networks). Solely...
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