On "Education" in "Modern" India!

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As I was sat down, trying to ‘learn’ chemistry one Friday evening, I began thinking on our education system due to which I had to study in such a poor way; it’s a pity, that I have started hating the subject, or all subjects for that matter, the more the examinations approached. To that end, I wrote a poem later – my debut poem, with which I’d like to introduce the topic; her it goes: “Education” for Progress

You take a pot and fill it with water, the ocean still remains, You make the pot bigger, to douse the house’s flames
And you make it even bigger, till you wash all of hell.
But as men march on in time’s way, so do the forces grow,
That bar the door of wisdom, till it maketh a man (a) crow;
And once, but out the feathers come, than you just lo:
For cells have formed where ere was Eden,
And into the Saharan sands hath Plato been driven;
Till now, had man’s asininity been aeon ridden?
You look across many a book or any common mind,
And surprised you may well be, to find:
The fountain remains flowing as ever, waiting for
Its very first drinker. But heads of men are now sore,
And they allow not the thirsty to have a pour,
But Indian crabs as they are, they pull him back onto shore. They set for education a Hammurabi’s code,
And state it on an Economist’s ode: not the fountain
Whose drink all doth desire, but a mere factory by the road
That gives not many the bliss which they hope, but pain;
Agony from not just failing to educate the self,
But excruciation seeing others that too need help.
The birth of a boy sees many a new colour:
Businessman, engineer, NRI or a doctor.
The scholar of yore is seen no more
As machines of the line’s grown stronger than before.
The student of the day is not the knowledge seeker,
But a piece of iron thrown in the hands of a ‘caster’;
That moulds and melts him not into the Being,
But a mercantile golem that lives to seek a living.
To commend its superiors enjoying the beauteous Nature,
Whilst it toils in turmoil on these pans of fire:
Institutes that teach not to analyze and wonder,
But to gobble, espouse, vomit and then…just wander.

So, do we just give tests and go on becoming another mechanical product of this degree-machine, or relieve ourselves of this blunder? We find that today, education has reached such a stage, that the difference between the educated and the uneducated, is but a degree (or no degree), however the other may know; which reminds me of what a teacher of mine once said: “…You may wonder at the fact, that I have said Euclid and Aristotle together. You see, in the ancient world, the gift we had got, was the scholar, not the B.Tech, M.A., or B.Sc. (Hons). Thus, you get the same Pythagoras, who devised the theorem, AC2 = BC2 + AB2, giving the theory of transmigration of souls – two very different subjects, philosophy and mathematics, but the very same person.” Indeed, today we do lack such people, for the very fact that, India today is not the divine land where knowledge is respected – the land where the greatest university of the time exists, but a machine designed ages ago, to churn out Indian Civil Service workers, extended beyond into independent India by mistake (rather ignorance and lack of understanding), and united with the pre-ancient Indian processes of rote-learning, to make another machine, completely satisfactory in its ability and purpose of creating doctors and engineers, who work completely like a machine, with no interest in finding new methods or discovering new techniques or findings, but just working as per the age old methods engineered earlier, or today, but certainly by foreigners. The primary cause I believe, which has led to this is the method of education provided by society on him, from day one onwards – the very same day the student sees school that is. But first, let us have a look at the ‘ideal’ student, as society – the Indian society – views him. Is it not a boy, well in attire, i.e. in a neat and clean...
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