"On Decay of the Art of Lying" Essay

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On decay of the art of lying essay

“On Decay of the Art of Lying” was, as the title suggests, an essay discussing the topic of lying. Mark Twain, who was the author of the essay, suggests that everyone is a liar, and that no one can go through life without lying even if they claim that they are completely honest. People lie everyday, every hour even without realizing that they are lying. The world would be a completely different place if people never lied, this wouldn’t necessarily be for the better however.

Lying isn’t always bad as most people perceive it to be. Lying is used a lot when trying to avoid hurting someone’s feelings and to avoid some sort of conflict such as fighting or arguing. Twain believes lying is good, when it is courteous and used to make everyone happy and not just yourself. The author makes a good valid point when he mentions that a lie to better everyone is better than a truth that hurts everyone, which I fully support. Twain wants everyone to practice lying in a thoughtful and unselfish manner because it will make the world a nicer place.

Before, reading this essay I had always thought of lying as being a bad thing even though I do it sometimes. After reading this, I am fully convinced that lying can be good. I never realized before reading this that people lie so much, even more then they would ever think because they sometimes don’t notice it. I am also starting to notice more how much me and the people around me lie all the time even just about the smallest things that don’t even seem to matter that much. I fully support everything that has been said in this essay.
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