On Cross-Cultural Marketing Strategies L'Oreal Cosmetics Industry in China Inspiration

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Location:Home > Economics Papers >New Economics Papers > Papers On cross-cultural marketing strategies L'Oreal cosmetics industry in China Inspiration   Posted:2011-3-17 11:06:00   views:16190 Author:*** [pic][pic] [Paper Keywords] Cross-Cultural Marketing Strategy Implications L'Oreal [Abstract] This paper mainly uses the example of the method, outlining the international situation and domestic cosmetics industry, L'Oreal, through the analysis of cross-cultural Marketing strategies, discover the L'Oreal Group on Dunning's eclectic theory of international production use at this stage will extend the company's globalization strategy as detailed cross-cultural strategy aimed to the development of China's cosmetics industry has made three major revelation: brand cross-cultural, cross-cultural Marketing and cross-cultural research.

With the integration of world economy and regional economic grouping the continuous deepening of the internationalization of business have become unstoppable craze. Enterprises worldwide use of resources, will have their own capital, technology management skills, market linkages, research and local development, etc. with the host country have the human resources, natural resources and even combine the advantages of market size, the use of cross-cultural advantages, expand international business in a global context complement each other, become the main form of international operations. In cross- international companies operating in the produce, as in a different cultural background, geographical environment, inevitably will encounter unprecedented opportunities and challenges. effectively cross-cultural management, international companies in cross-cultural background, geographical successful operation under the guarantee This is especially the Chinese companies into the global economy more realistic.

First, the world cosmetics market overview
1993-2003 the world of cosmetics and beauty products of the total sales growth of 24% per year, the global cosmetics sales in 2002 totaled 200 billion U.S. dollars, which the United States accounted for 25, Western Europe accounted for 30 and Japan accounted for 15}, and including China total of all other countries, including 30% of the share. American "> on the global cosmetics industry to rank, P & G, Geely, L'Oreal, Colgate-Palmolive, Estee Lauder, Henkel, Avon, Shiseido , Wallace Group, Kao received 10 international brands worldwide. shown in Figure 1, the world cosmetics market segmentation of the figure, the largest market share in Western Europe, China did not enter the top three.

Second, China's cosmetics market situation
(A) of the Cosmetics Market
1. Market products and hair care products for the highest penetration rate According to statistics, China's cosmetics market, average annual sales growth rate of more than 20%, the highest year of 41%, the growth rate much higher than the average growth rate of the national economy, and has considerable potential .2007 1 - November retail sales of cosmetics accumulated 12.83 billion yuan, up 24.11 percent, skin care products which accumulated 5.02 billion yuan, total retail sales accounted for 39.1%, cosmetics accumulated 1.22 billion yuan , representing the proportion of total retail sales was 9.5%; 2008-2009, January-November total sales of cosmetics manufacturers 46,529,424 yuan, an increase of 15.01 percent: in 2009 China's cosmetics market size more than 100 billion yuan.

The main target of these products directed at white-collar workers, mainly from the growth in power of skin care and color cosmetics. Six major cosmetics among the highest market penetration for the hair care products, beauty cosmetics market is far from saturation, Most people are still the haircut, the market is vast.

2. Brand monopoly intensified
At present, China has become the second largest in Asia, the world's eighth largest cosmetics market, industry competition pattern of the brand has been formed. In...
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