On Cloning a Human Being

Topics: Donation, Cloning, Humanitarian aid Pages: 2 (532 words) Published: November 13, 2012
Close Reading: On Cloning a Human Being

The style Lewis Thomas uses is very unique. He writes in a very conversational tone, making it easier for readers to read and relate. He also adds in rhetorical questions as well as short simple sentences in his writing structure, and the entire passage seems to flow eloquently. Lewis Thomas has a distinct voice that is unique only to himself. The main topic can be a topic of controversy; before and after reading the passage, my stance on human cloning stays the same. I still believe that it is not right and not necessary, and that people should focus on more relevant issues in todays world. Cloning wont feed the poor, get people jobs, help the economy, or cure AIDS. People should learn what to focus on and invest more time and money in issues with potential benefits to society, not something like cloning. Lewis Thomas seems to take a similar stance in his work.

Close Reading: Getting a Second Wind

Brevity is definitely one of the key elements that made this passage so great. Not only is the story truly inspiring, but also it is written so that the readers are fully interested from the first to last sentence. The powerful choice of words and short sentence structures emphasizes every word in the sentence.

This short article was definitely a moving read. It is the true story of a teenager who seemed to have it all – beauty, athleticism, great personality – until a rather unfortunate and sudden turn of events. The teenage girl then decides to commit suicide, and her organs are donated to the people in need.

There are many lessons to be learned from her story. One lesson is not to take life for granted and that you only live once. The other is the story of her parents and the person whose life was saved by the donated organ, proving that appreciation and thoughtfulness is the proper way to live.

Close Reading: Stripped for Parts

Stripped for Parts seems to be a narrative account of the process of...
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