On Cloning

Topics: Human, Cloning, Bioethics Pages: 4 (1274 words) Published: April 25, 2013
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Bioethics| There’s Nothing Wrong With Having Your Own Harry Styles|

Bioethics| There’s Nothing Wrong With Having Your Own Harry Styles|

One of the largest arguments contradicting the idea of cloning goes back to the day humans were created (or religion was created for evolutionists). Not in a literal sense, as obviously the idea of ‘cloning’ hadn’t crossed anyone’s mind. But the idea of God had and the idea of someone with a greater power than humans had. And what’s the number one rule of humans when it comes to life on Earth? Don’t mess with the bigger man.

Nothing against humans, but if this were really the way we should be thinking, then people wouldn’t be so concerned with things like ‘being vegetarian or vegan’ because clearly if something dies, God wanted it dead. And if you still don’t believe in God, then are humans not considered the bigger man in this scenario? We have placed ourselves next to Godliness, not quite there but almost. Many claim to be his messengers, his children chosen to spread his message and do his bidding. Well, if God didn’t want us to advance in technology then he wouldn’t. Cloning ‘Certain People’

I wish it were this easy. Instead of every teenage girl hanging up posters of their favourite teen pop/movie star in their room, and drooling over the wedding that will never happen, they can simply clone their own celebrity and have their very own! Is it fair to create human life simply for the pleasure of another human being? And would this new clone be considered human? Would there be competition amongst the other clones of the same person? Would something disastrous occur such as rebelling against humans made the natural way? Or is this a gateway to something better than one could ever imagine?

As far as alternatives come for cloning celebrities, I think you’re stuck with a cardboard cut-out or an app on your smartphone. Or – and try to bear with...
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