On-Campus Classes or Online Classes?

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  • Published : November 21, 2011
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Nowadays, college students are having a great opportunity to choose whether staying home to take classes or going to campus. It is tough to decide which one is the best since there are many advantages of both online and on-campus classes. However, on- campus classes are more beneficial to college students than online classes.

College students will have better academic performance by attending on- campus classes. According to a research by National Education Department showed that students who took on-campus classes had better grades than those students who took classes online. They did an experiment in introductory economics class to compare the grades between the two groups, online classes group and on-campus group. As a result, the on-campus students performed better and have higher grade than the online students. The research also pointed out that the online students sometimes faced procrastination during the lecture, and didn’t follow on track, which led to bad performance.

On-campus classes will help college students in development of social skills. Social skills are the components of behavior that support people to understand and adapt to our social environment. Students will develop their social skills by joining clubs, different study groups, social and educational activities on the campus. They will gain the ability to navigate situations and to solve problems that involve a group of people. Social skills are extremely important for our future success.

The next benefit of on-campus classes is college students will have the opportunity to have face-to-face interaction with professors. Whenever you don’t understand any materials during the lecture, you can immediately ask in class or after class. You can ask something that you are not clear from the reading of the textbook. Professors will be happy to clear your questions and doubts. Professors are also useful resources for students because they sometimes give students recommendations and advices....
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