Omnivore Dilemma

Topics: Nutrition, Food, Eating Pages: 1 (371 words) Published: December 13, 2012
Michael Pollan’s argument is that the omnivore dilemma is a problem for us, and where our foods come from. Michael Pollan is trying to inform us about the healthy choices for our food diet. Some meals were organic or process meals but organic is healthier. People choice to eat whatever they want but it can also be difficult because there are thousands of foods to choose from. It starts with the vegetables, fruits, meat, and etc. The omnivore’s dilemma means someone who could eat varieties of foods to become healthy but eating anything could also be a problem. People could get over weight, high blood pressure, and etc. Michael Pollan states that there are four causes of the omnivore’s dilemma. One was humans have to eat varieties of food to get enough vitamins that is needed. For example, we get vitamin C from plants, and vitamin B-12 from animals. In the text it states “omnivores not only can eat different foods, we need to eat variety of foods to stay healthy.” Another factor of this problem is industrial food chains out there giving us the unhealthy choices. Today we can buy any sort of food from anywhere in the globe. In the text it says “we don’t even know what we’re eating, and sometimes it even seems like we’re forgotten why we eat.” The third cause is there is no culture to fall back on. Human had a culture of food back then and now we have many choices to choose from. People used to eat seasonal food, now we learned how to find, eat, and cook local foods. In the text it says “when it was time to eat, people didn’t have to think much, they ate what their parents or grandparents had eaten.” The last cause is the desire for sweet food because we are born to like them. Sweet tooth is someone who craves for sweets. It is part of our omnivore’s brain, and sweet foods are filled with rich source of carbohydrates. In the text it says “Our instinct doesn’t realize that in modern times there will always be sweet food available to us.” These are all of the four...
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