Omnicare Pharmacy: Pharmaceutical Care to Nursing Homes and Facilities

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  • Published : August 10, 2012
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The Balanced Scorecard:
Omnicare Pharmacy

Omnicare Pharmacy is a provider of pharmaceutical care to long-term nursing homes and facilities. The services are focused on the residents we serve and improving their quality of life, along with reducing the cost of the pharmacy bill. As a result, our vision as a pharmacy provider is to provide the right drug, right dose, and to the right patient (Omnicare 2010). In order to achieve the vision we have set for ourselves we need to implement a system that will help us achieve our goals. A balanced scorecard is a performance measurement system, which takes into account the customers, internal business processes, learning and growth, as well as financial (Kaplan & Norton 1996). This can help us look at the organizational processes that improve or hinder our performance. Instead of looking at only financial gain and losses, we can focus our attention to other processes that lead it, such as customers and employees. The balanced scorecard helps us turn our vision into strategy that each individual can implement on a day-to-day basis. I have created a balanced scorecard for a department of our pharmacy, the picking department. This is where we receive the faxes and/or prescriptions, which data entry technicians enter into our system. After which, the fill technicians print the prescriptions, fill the orders, and get pharmacy verified (PV2). Once this is complete, the staging technicians, drop the orders in specified totes based upon the facility and nursing station. Finally, the drivers take the totes, and deliver them to the respective facilities. The perspective that will be discussed is Learning and Growth. Learning and growth are at the bottom of scorecard, because all of the other processes such as customer satisfaction, internal business processes start with learning as a basis and lead from there (Kaplan & Norton, Sept 1996). The first objective we will ensure is...
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