Omni Case

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  • Published : September 26, 2011
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Omni Automated Systems has over 40 years of experience in manufacturing state of the art electronic assembly equipment. The company sells equipment to electronics manufacturers. Bob Waters is a field sales engineer working for Omni and he has received news that he has lost a sale with Gentech Office Equipment Company. Gentech manufactures a variety of office equipment. They have recently fallen behind in the industry and have experienced market share and profit margin erosion. In order to turn this around they are looking to revamp, modernize, and automate its manufacturing facilities. They will need a new soldering line to automate their manufacturing and are looking to purchase a robotic test cell. Steve Anderson is the purchasing agent for this new product. What makes this case unique is that Bob Waters and Steve Anderson are very close friends, but Gentech did not buy the robotic tetst cell from Omni, they went with their competitor. Gentech Office Equipment Company is looking to purchase a robotic test cell in February of 2010. There are four forces that influence the organizational buying behavior of this company. The four forces are environmental, organizational, group, and individual forces. Each force plays a part in the decision making process. Environmental forces influence and create change in business conditions and impact organizational buying plans. Pricing is going to be Gentech’s primary factor in selecting a vendor. This could be possibly because of the economic environment and recession at this time. It has influenced their willingness to buy at a particular price and they are more price-conscious at this time. Also technological changes are what have motivated Gentech to revamp their operations and go with a more advanced, automated manufacturing facility. Organizational forces influence buying because there is a potential organizational hierarchy and competition to take into consideration. An understanding of the buying organization is based...
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