Ommentary About “ Warming Her Pearls” Comparing It to Two Other Poems

Pages: 3 (949 words) Published: November 26, 2010
commentary about “ Warming Her Pearls” comparing it to two other poems

Another poem of Carol Ann Duffy which drags you into a state of mind you didn’t know existed. Another character that talks about their uncommon feelings towards others . This time it’s about a woman working for another one, forced or unforced, with rather different feelings towards her boss than others would have, feelings we could call ‘obsession’. It isn’t hard to realize this poem is set in the past. There are references to older times like the words ‘carriage’ and ‘gown’. Other evidence could be the fact that people wouldn’t let their made sleep in their attic. The setting of the poem is harder to indentify, as there are only references to the fact that it’s a hot place where French perfume is expensive or considered ‘exotic’. From the very first line of the poem we can sense the first evidence of obsession the maid has towards her mistress. She uses the carefully chosen words ‘my own skin’, which underlines the fact she is honored and happy to be in the situation to where the pearls of her mistress. The obsession only gets more obvious the further you get in the poem. The detailed descriptions of the woman’s body and way of doing are endless. ‘I dream about her’ and ‘ I see her every movement in my head’ are only few of many expressions that would normally be labeled to a stalker or a lover with deep feelings.

The theme of obsession also comes back in the poem Psychopath. Although the speaker in Psychopath believes he’s superior to others and the one in Warming her pearls knows perfectly her position, we can trace the hidden eagerness of doing what the psychopath did. When ‘dusts her shoulder with a rabbit’s foot’ she wants to protect her mistress from other men. We could also interpret this as a sign that she doesn’t want her to get distractions that would take the mistress away from her. These kind of feelings aren’t expressed as they are in Psychopath, when the narrator...
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