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Topics: Earth, Moon, Sun Pages: 2 (386 words) Published: April 12, 2013
1. ----------------- the ability to do work
2. A inclind plane has ------------------------surface
3. There are ------------------kind of simple machine
4. Aseesaw is example of-------------------------
5. The object that is moved or lifted is called----------------------- 6. The force which is applied to do work is called------------------------------ 7. A---------------------help to raise or lower heavy load easily 8. Arod that rest and moves on supportcalled----------------------------- 9. ---------------------can push or pull object

10. we use -----------------which can increase amount of force or change direction 11. The tools are called ----------------
12. There are ----------------main kind of machine.
13. Light travels in straight lines called--------------------- 14. A collection of rays is called -------------------------- 15. Light is -----------------------thing in the universe.
16. ------------------------light allow all light to pass through them completly. 17. --------------------------object allow some but not all the light to pass through them. 18. The object which donot allow the light to pass through is called---------------------- 19. Light travel -----------------------than sound.

20. If an object can generate its own light it is called----------------------------- 21. The moon doesnot produce its own ---------------------------- 22. A--------------------------------is an object that doesnot give its own light. 23. ----------------------------occur because light cannot pass through opaque objects. 24. When the moon, the sun & the earth come in the same-------------------there is an eclipse. 25. When the moon is completly covered by the shadow of earth there is a ----------------------eclipse. 26. When the moon blocks out the light of sun there is-----------------eclipse. 27. -------------------------means of the moon.

28. -----------------------means of sun.
29. Never look -------------------- at the sun even through dark...
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