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PROPSED SYLLABUS FOR M.A. ENGLISH LITERATURE EFFECTIVE FROM. 1ST ANNUAL 2010 & ONWARDS Part-I Paper-I Poetry Paper-II Drama Paper-III Academic Discourse Paper-IV Criticism Paper-V History of English Literature Paper-VI Stylistics / TESOL Part-II Paper-VII Prose Paper-VIII American Literature / South Asian Literature Paper-IX Post-Colonial Studies Paper-X Novel Paper-XI Linguistics Paper-XII S & Psycholinguistics Paper-I, Poetry This course aims at introducing the students to the development of English poetry in different eras. It starts from Chaucer and ends at Sylvia Plath. The representative poets from each age are taken to highlight various trends in English poetry from 14th to 20th century. Classical Poetry Chaucer The Prologue to Canterbury Tales Milton Paradise Lost, Book-1 Donne Good Morrow The Sun Rising Batter My Heart When Thou Hath Done Victorian Poetry Wordsworth Prelude Book-1 Keats Ode to a Nightingale Ode on a Grecian Urn

Ode to Autumn Browning My last Duchess Bishop orders his tomb as St. Praxed’s Church Modern T.S. Eliot The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock Wasteland Sylvia Plath Daddy Widow Paper-II, Drama This paper will introduce students to the origins and development of the classical Greek drama followed by the emergence of Mystery, Miracle and Morality plays during the English Renaissance. Thus an over view of the development of the genre (and sub-genres i.e. tragedy, comedy) over the centuries will be given followed by an in-depth textual analysis of the plays by the major dramatists. Classical Sophocles Oedipus Rex Renaissance Marlowe Dr. Faustus Shakespeare Hamlet Twelfth Night Modern Ibsen A Doll’s House Shaw Major Barbara Beckett Waiting for Godot Paper-III, ACADEMIC DISCOURSE Objective: This course aims at improving the Basic English language skills of the learners. The course is strictly skill based and teachers are advised to use any material which they find appropriate in enhancing simple and complex use of English. 1. Grammar...

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