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Topics: Business continuity planning, Time, Term Pages: 2 (607 words) Published: December 3, 2011
The Business Impact Analysis is an analytic process that aims to reveal business and operational impacts arising from any number of incidents or events (Wrenn, 2005). It is the initial step in the Business Continuity Plan. A Business Impact Analysis should include: * A work flow analysis to identify and prioritize process that must be recovered. * The potential impact of uncontrolled, non-specific events on business processes identified during the work flow analysis. * The impact of legal and regulatory requirements.

* An estimate of the maximum allowable downtime (MAD) and the associated acceptable level of losses for the identified business processes. * An estimation of recovery time objectives (RTOs), recovery point objectives (RPOs) and recovery of the critical path (those business processes or systems that must receive the highest priority during recovery.) (Laughery, 2011)

The main operation of Omega is selling services to customers. These services are to find the appropriate consultants and resources and to supply their customers with these resources as quickly as possible. If there are any disruptions in these operations or outages of equipment, Omega will lose money each day and pay large penalties. The operating processes run on a SAP system in an AIX environment. The processes include finding resources for customers, scheduling, invoicing, paycheck distribution, and managing the treasury and short-term funding. If any part of the SAP system has an outage, Omega basically has a two day window to restore the system without borrowing money which would lead to increase in costs and overhead. The only operations that have a workaround are payroll and the audit and compliance areas. As Reyes Emme mentioned an interview, “by self insuring payroll funding for a week to ten day period, Omega can provide estimated payroll and then rectify many issues once the system is back online .” Reyes also mentioned that “the audit and compliance...
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