Omega Pharmaceutical Manager's Workshop

Topics: Motivation, Expectancy theory, Victor Vroom Pages: 4 (1438 words) Published: October 4, 2010
This document attempts to outline and analyze the causes of three underperforming sales representatives through various motivational perspectives and theories. Each sales representative’s situation is individually addressed. The author then reflects on practical application of motivational theories in his personal work environment.

Omega Pharmaceuticals manufactures and distributes Obstetrics-Gynecology drugs to wholesale distributors. Omega utilizes an internal sales office with twelve independent sales representatives to market its products to wholesale distributors and doctor’s offices. Seven of the twelve sales representatives are effective in their job performance. Omega maintains a quarterly sales report with various performance indicators. The three sales representatives that will be discussed in this analysis are Lisa Dolan, Jim Clemmons, and John Crosby.

Lisa Dolan’s personnel files, resume, and miscellaneous management notes were reviewed. However, the personal interview was the best source of information in identifying and addressing the reasons for her poor performance. Lisa’s quarterly sales were low on units sold. She visited 100% of the doctors in her region and met the benchmark of 50 days of inventory. During the interview, Lisa states that she is motivated to meet her performance indicators in order to pay her mortgage. She also points out the facts that she has visited 100% of the doctors in her region and has raised her days of inventory from 43 to 50 this quarter. The fact that Lisa has visited 100% of the doctors in her region but is not meeting the benchmark of 400 units indicates that there is a problem with her efficiency, not motivation. The decision is made to accompany her on a sales call, where it is observed that her approach with receptionists and other gatekeepers is abrupt to the point of being rude. Her approach with physicians is canned and sounds memorized, and is not persuasive. Furthermore,...
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