Omar Khadr

Topics: Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, United States, Senate of Canada Pages: 2 (724 words) Published: October 24, 2010
Canadian citizen, Omar Khadr was born in Toronto on September 19th, 1986 to an Egyptian-Canadian family. However, he was raised in Pakistan, and moved back and forth between the two countries throughout his childhood. In 1996, the family moved to Afghanistan. At the age of fifteen, Omar asked to stay at a group home for young men. His family agreed, therefore he lived with a group of Arabs who even gave him weapon trainings. Later, on July 27th, 2002, the 19th Special Forces Group were sent to Ayub Kheyl in Afghanistan to investigate a hut whose owner was reported to be making bombs, therefore the Special Forces surrounded the hut. They then saw five men sitting around a fire with AK-47s while an Afghan militiaman was sent to the house and that’s when gunfire broke out. Reinforcements from both militias were called, and the occupants of the hut, one of them being Omar, joined in the fight by throwing grenades at the Americans. Unfortunately, a grenade thrown by Omar killed one of the U.S soldiers, and he was later captured by the American forces while being unconscious due to the battle. Omar was seriously injured and was sent to Bagram to receive medical attention; however as soon as he became conscious again, he began being interrogated. Omar went through many operations; although statements were made saying that he did not get the proper medical attention he needed due to not giving the interrogators any answers. Almost a month later, on August 20th, the government of the United States informed the Canadian government of Omar’s arrest and asked them to confirm his identity. Ten days later, Canadian officers requested the ability to contact Omar, however, this request was denied, but instead, the government of Canada would be notified if any Canadian citizens were relocated to Guantánamo Bay in Cuba. Omar states that after his capture, he was constantly abused. These abuses were that he wasn’t given pain medication for his wounds, he had his hands tied above...
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