Omanization (Policy

Topics: Employment, Oman, Government Pages: 2 (733 words) Published: May 1, 2008
The Omanization policy was first brought on Oman and its organizations (in both the public and private sector) in 1998. Simply because there was a shortage of Omani employees in many organizations and because most positions were filled with expatriate employees therefore, the government introduced this policy in order to decrease the amount of foreign employees. It is evident that there are many advantages and disadvantages of this policy. The advantages are that the average skilled Omani will be able to secure a job easily and most working Omanis will be able to further their knowledge and learn new skills. However, there are disadvantages as well, the main one is concerning foreigners as they will find it more difficult to find job as the Omani workforce becomes more skilled and the amount of employed Omani individuals increases. Firstly, Omanization benefits the Omani population because the average skilled Omani worker will be able to find and acquire a job more easily. This has a positive effect on country’s growth in all sectors of the economy, as Omani’s will have a higher disposable income from their monthly salary thus local businesses will thrive and the governments will have a higher incomes. If the country has a higher Omani workforce the country will be able to provide better services to its all its entire population i.e. it will be able to improve the health care system by building more roads, increase the number of highly trained doctors and buy new medical equipment. The government will also be able to educate the younger population; which makes up for most of Oman’s population i.e. they will be able to build more schools buy new books, equipment and hire more teachers. The government will also work on increasing its infrastructure i.e. the government will be able to build more roads and larger airports to support a larger (mostly expatriate population). In order to increase its infrastructure Oman will bring over foreigners to Oman to work in...
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