Om Strategy Analysis

Topics: Formula One, Management, Business process reengineering Pages: 4 (1510 words) Published: March 28, 2013
OM analysis of Jordan Grand Prix
With the recession periods coming of the global economy, it even increases the competition pressure for sponsorship money with more and more competitiveness. So it becomes more and more significant for every corporate to takes some effective measures in the operational management for a better operational performance. In this thesis, the author analyzes the case of Jordan Grand Prix in the aspect of planning and Control, Quality Management, Project Management and operational improvement. Specifically, it points out the measures and strategies Jordan takes in the process of advantage pursuit in competitiveness.

For the success of Jordan Grand Prix, who want to test their capacity and future ability for new challenges, its main operational skills and change can be summarized as the formula one brand, three unique objectives, team work and more than five deep dives for a better management.

Planning and Control
The Planning and Control in OM of Jordan Grand Prix can be analyzed from Sequencing, Scheduling, Inventory and Queuing. In sequencing, since the aim of Jordan Grand Prix is to keep and pursue the competitive advantage, so the relevant lap factors should be optimized and controlled, like reducing and minimizing lap times in qualifying and racing, streamlining its key processes. While it is a consulting company but not a designing or building firm, several management measures are taken. The new design works are finished as quickly as possible firstly. Then the examining designs and discussed management processes are also done quickly. Thirdly, every part and skill on the floor can effect change once change happens, which is improved. Moreover, as it increases the speed, it also has a right direction to go. Before it proposes a plan for working together with other team, it should know exactly where the machine is going, and how it could be made to run more smoothly. In scheduling, an interconnected network of people is...
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