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The Olympics are a huge sporting event that contains many different sports and consists of many different countries from around the world.Back in ancient Greece is where the ancient Olympics originated. From 776 BC, the traditional games took place at Olympia every 4 years for almost 12 centuries until 1896. The first modern Olympic games took place in Athens Greece in 1896 and the games played to today every 4 years.Today,olympic games worlds biggest athletic and competitive event that have a lot of views about they.While it argued that olympic games displays of nationalism, commerce and politics , games must played to provide international concord since Olympic Games have economic, social and infrastructural advantages.

It is claimed that the Olympic Games have economically negative effects. Nevertheless, Olympic Games always bring economic benefits with financial movement. It is maintained that Olympic Games require big amount of money to build facilities and infrastructure. Moreover it is argued that the games cause foreign currency output. In order to make preparation for games may require foreign currency. However the games definitely contribute to economy. Investing in sports facilities or infrastructure may seem big amount of expense, but it returns as income in long-term. Likewise money that gained from foreign viewers is more than spent to build facilities and infrastructure. Permanent investments which

are improve infrastructure increase livability of city.As Lenskyj states, 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games provided the opportunity for the revival of the city (2004).
It has been asserted that olympic games lead to social negations;yet,the games have positive effects on social issues.Dissidents maintain that cheating by using substance like drugs, human growth hormone and turtle blood etc. Present sports as sub-field of sports industry. However, IOC aims to encourage whole world to take a part in Olympic Games...
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