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Sample Essay Directional Process

How To make Beldakl’l Spam

By: Jesse Titiml, PCC student

Levi woke up one stormy Sunday afternoon with a hangover and an empty stomach that was in the mood for some hot Beldakl - fish soup seasoned with Titimel leaves that he cooked for the previous night’s meal. He almost ran into the kitchen, but unfortunately, to his untimely disappointment, he found a pot practically empty except for a bony, half-eaten fish head that gave him a “ha ha –you-just-missed-me” smirk. Still in the mood for some beldakl soup, he hurriedly checked the fridge for any fish he might be able to use to cook a quick beldakl but found nothing aside from a package of frozen hotdogs. “Who needs ‘freakin’ hotdogs? I need hot beldakl!” Levi screamed out loud as he fought the temptation of trashing the kitchen and then going outside and literally hanging himself from the mango tree.

You really do not have to get all out of sync just because you cannot savor the refreshing taste of beldakl even when nursing a hangover. You can make an exquisite alternative dish to beldakl using Spam that will not only satisfy your cravings, but also mesmerize the pupils of your eyes.

Before anything can take place, you have to acquire the “hardware” and the “software” – cooking ingredients. For hardware, you need a pot that is about 7-8 inches in diameter and about 3-4 inches deep. Anything bigger or smaller can alter the depth and concentration of the seasoning in the soup and the cooking of the Spam. You do not want your Spam to touch the pot. The Spam must be submerged enough to be cooked while maintaining a bit of distance from the directly heated pot. You will also need a tablespoon for hardware. All seasoning measurements are in tablespoons; also it’s the ideal size spoon for consuming the soup afterwards. Then you have to get your software. You will need the 12- ounce can of Spam. The 25% less sodium is recommended for ideal...

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