Olympic games in modern world

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Olympic games in modern world

The most important sport event in the world for today undoubtedly are Olympic Games in Sochi. The Olympics - it's a great honor for any country. Our compatriots can be proud of the fact that this great sport event took place in Russia, and it emerged as the clear statement of greatness of country. Almost every nation sends teams of selected athletes to take part. The purposes of the Olympic Games are to foster the ideal of a "A Healthy Mind In a Healthy Body " and to promote friendship among nations. It should be noted that Many people think this event wastes money while others belive in many benefits of it. Though this event need a certain budget to organise, it still has advantages. This is further illustrated with such components as the games benefit from the extension of transport and creation of new hi-tech and highly-developed sport centers which after Games can create conditions for future generations of champions. Undeniably, the olympic games have brought economic, cultural and also political and diplomatical benefits. In other words As an instrument of political interests the Olympic celebration can be used to improve relations between countries and communities For instance Since the 1950s, the Olympic Games have provided an opportunity for newly created countries to show the world they exist. Their appearance at the Games has often led to more widespread international recognition (for example certain African countries, republics of the former Soviet Union).

In addition, thanks to this event, people around the world have opportunities to have fun, exchange culture and meet others of different races. Furthermore, this event can cements the relationship between countries in the world, easing potential political tensions.

Still, there is no denying the The city will be overcrowded and it can create problems like traffic jams and pollution. This is the main disadvantages of the Olympic Games being held in my...
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