Olympic Games Affecting Athletes and Us

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  • Published : September 10, 2012
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The Olympic Games is the biggest sporting event in the world, every 4 years the top athletes from over 200 different countries gather together at a chosen country and compete. The first official modern Olympic Games was in 1896 which was held in Athens, Greece, and it has grown over the years to become a major sporting event with over 10,000 athletes competing this year in the London Olympics. The 2012 Olympics is the 30th Olympic Games and London put over towards the games this year. New Zealand has been involved with the Olympic Games ever since 1908, where we competed with Australia in a joint Australasia team. In 1920 we sent our first independent team it has grown every 4 years, in the 2012 Olympics we sent a team of 185 athletes. The modern Olympic Games is such a big sporting event with over 200 nations involved, you simply cannot hide from it when it comes around every 4 years, therefore it has major effects on the people in New Zealand. The 2012 Olympic Games has a great significance on the whole of New Zealand including the athletes, society and economy. New Zealand athletes are affected because of the pressure, money incetives and other effects, whereas New Zealand society is affected because of the national pride and how well we do, encouragment of playing more sport and also the cost of the olympics for new zealand; which links to how the olympics also affects the nz economy through medal costs and opportunies for jobs and advirtising. The Olympics has turned into such a big world event and has many effects on the different groups of New Zealand, however I think that it affects the athletes immensely. The Olympic Games affects the New Zealand Athletes in a variety of different ways, one major effect being the pressure. Every single athlete at the Olympics each year is under a huge amount of pressure to do well, regardless of what their sport is. A lot of hard work, training and money has been put it to get them to the games so it’s not surprising...
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