Olper's Milk TVC: Advertisement Analysis

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  • Published : March 18, 2013
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Assignment: Advertisement Analysis

Snap Shots of OLPER’S TVC

1- Advertisement Analysis
TVC has covered three different types of families. At first TVC has shown complete family with joint family system, than TVC has shown family living in separate system. They have shown husband and wife with a kid. In third place TVC has shown a couple expecting a baby. At last TVC summarized the ad by showing all these three different families ending with a famous celebrity endorsement (Babra shareef). Below Consumer Behavior concepts are observed on this TVC of OLPER’S milk 1- Popular Culture

TVC of OLPER’S milk has used famous celebrities. TVC has shown famous actors and model. In TVC Fawad Khan (Famous actor and singer), Sunita Marshal (Model) and Babar Shareef (Ever green actress) have been casted. 2- Relationship with OLPER’S

In this TVC OLPER’s milk has tried to develop Love and Interdependence type of relationship with its consumers. In ad they have shown family who are taking milk in breakfast. After that they attached OLPER’S with birthday celebration, and then ad has shown husband offering milk to his pregnant wife showing trust and love with this product. 3- USP (Unique Selling Point)

* Color: OLPER’S went with red as its color—a color far removed from the greens and blues that had become synonymous with packaged milk. The color also helped OLPER’S to enhance the in-store visibility and presence for OLPER’s packaged milk, and the brand was instantly disassociated from its competition. TVC ad has used red color the most. They have use red and white combination same as that of packaging which is the USP of OLPER’S. * All Purpose Milk: OLPER’S could be consumed with...
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