Olm Role

Topics: Sales, Consultative selling, Customer service Pages: 2 (464 words) Published: December 9, 2012
OLM Role Description
The Operations Leaders of Mobile is the management role accountable for protecting the SL and OLC by managing the activities of selling support roles. OLM is responsible for collaborating with all managers and allocating additional support roles as needed to ensure that the store is in agreement with Coach operational standards. The OLM is also accountable for maintaining awareness, communicating, energy and selling to create and outstanding service environment and also creating the last impression. Responsible for:

* Defending the SL and OLC roles by releasing them from any complications that may divert them from generating sales * Conducting One Minute Meetings and Managing associates breaks and meal times * Assist MPOS users with transaction (providing boxes, checking for BOB & LISA, sensors, receipts etc.) * Fill all supplies for easy access for all MPOS users in designated areas * Switching gears and knowing when to position MPOS users for line pulling and when to team sell and engage with customers * Pairing up with SL and OLC to monitor traffic flow outside if needed * Knowing when to have a MPOS associate jump on register to assist returns/ cash transactions and/or reallocating roles as needed for unexpected traffic * LP Awareness- Conducting bag check, responding to sensormatic at the doors * Handling customer an employee concerns

* Making sure all MPOS are working and having a ready to go MPOS on deck to swap out in case of any rebooting or charging Communication
* Pairing up with SL and OLC to determine hourly goals and achieving them by controlling what we can * Knowing who your MPOS users are and providing them and receiving any feedback or concerns from them that may arise from either end * Passing off information to the next OLM about the previous hour (successes and opportunities) * Making sure you know who your MPOS users are and making sure they are in their...
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