Olivers Market

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  • Published : April 8, 2008
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Oliver’s Markets’ loyal customer base has grown by leaps and bounds due to its philanthropic frequent shopper program. This program has helped it retain customer loyalty. Oliver’s Markets’ was purchased in 1988 by Steve Oliver Maass. Organized as a Subchapter S corporation in 1988, when Steve and Ruth Maass were president and vice president. Its original store is located in Cotati, California. Currently Oliver’s Markets’ driving force is the decision of expansion. For this expansion to be effective, Oliver’s Markets’ must take a close look at the five competitive forces and demographic data for future locations. Oliver’s Markets’ strategic plan is based around its deli, gourmet foods, and being a major player in the natural foods industry. Oliver’s Markets prides itself as being unique. Within its deli department there is a clear picture of its strategic intent. It has shown customer loyalty by continuing to introduce new imported cheeses as well as fine wines. Oliver’s Markets’ competitive advantage is in its wine department. This competitive advantage is sustained by offering variety of wines that other stores are unable to get and by its bi-weekly wine-tasting for customers. It is clear that Oliver’s Markets’ main objectives are to provide the best service, atmosphere, and products to all customers. Oliver’s Markets’ business approach is visible through its mission statement. It clearly states that “ Our mission is to provide the communities we serve with the finest grocery store in the marketplace……we seek out our customer’s specific needs and tailor our product and services to meet those needs.” All employees and its top management department have shared values. All in all, Oliver’s Markets’ culture is to assure that employees receive adequate wages and care, that it continues to be a part of the community, and to provide customers with a diverse line of products and unique services to make customers feel like they are part of the Oliver’s Markets’...
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