Oliver Twist - Review

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Daniyar Abuov
Oliver Twist, Charles Dickens (review)
Oliver Twist was first published in 1838 by Charles Dickens one of the England’s greatest novelists. In my opinion Dickens wanted to show real life experience of not only orphans also experience of poor people in England in the nineteenths century. How they lived there? The workhouse, poverty, street children, women who have babies without being married. It was very difficult to survive in such conditions for unfortunate people. Oliver's mother died in childbirth. He had grown in a foundling farm, then workhouse. He becomes known as a wicked child after daring to ask for another small bowl of gruel for his meal. He is sent to work at the undertaker's. Instead he runs off to London, hoping to find a better life. Once in London, Oliver unwittingly falls in with a group of young thieves run by the Artful Dodger and his trainer, Fagin. When he realizes what he is supposed to do, Oliver tries to get away. Instead, he is the one who is caught and sent up before the magistrate. Unfortunately, it doesn't take long before Fagin and his partner Bill Sikes pull Oliver back in. Eventually all works out for Oliver. It's amazing the boy didn't die before that could happen. Yet only about half the book is devoted to Oliver himself. The rest focuses on the meanness and unjustness of the people around him. For example, the undertaker and his wife are always fighting. She despises Oliver just because her husband likes him and feels sorry for him. The book is entertaining, realistic and a great amount of description was shown throughout the story. Life is cruel but not always- this is definitely what the author is wanted to say in my view.
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