Oliver Twist Final Paper

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  • Published : April 3, 2013
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Virtue Glows in Muddy Pond

(The lotus flower) Lotus, a flower, represents purity, and blooms its natural beauty even in a filthy pond(despite of its filthy surrounding). Meanwhile(Nevertheless), a lotus may also be bitten by pests from the(its) surroundings, and so(thus) will be doomed to wither and never be pure again(lose its purity). The nature of purity may be (inevitably) harmed by (the) nurture of filth. In (Through the) characterization in Oliver Twist, a novel written by Charles Dickens, nurture and nature are more complex than simple personality. Dickens explores the counterpoint in humanity by presenting the three different characters who are motivated by either nurture, or nature or both of them: Charlie Bates, who is dominated by his environment but tested by conscience whereas Oliver Twist who is born to be strongly moral but impelled to commit crimes. Most interestingly (the most fascinating character), Nancy, the character (is) strongly driven by both her inner purity and external evil pressures, (and constantly) struggles to choose the right side (way) to behave. Charley Bates is a smart little thief who works for Fagin. He is like the artful dodger, adopted by Fagin and told to be trained to be great (95). Bates’ daily life is depicted as the following: “When the breakfast was cleared away, the merry old gentleman and the two boys played at a very curious and uncommon game…it is time to pad the hoof. ”(94). Charley is fully surrounded in an environment in which pilferage is an approach to value one’s power. Thus, he deeply believes and behaves accordingly. One proof would be that when Oliver is escaping from the crowd, Bates is laughing at him (123). Instead of empathizing with Oliver or thinking about rescuing him from the dilemma, Charley Bates inclines to look playfully on the “coward and clumsy escape” Oliver makes to agree with the idea that people who do not earn fruit deserve abominable treatments. Ultimately, Bates is not...
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